MMA may be an individual sport, but it takes a team to reach the level of elite competition. My sponsors are part of that team of supporters that help me reach an elite level of fitness and technical preparation for each fight.

Cash and in-kind sponsorship make up important supplementary income for professional and amateur athletes. Payment for a fight itself– especially early on in one’s career– is generally not very significant compensation for the long and intense training that goes into preparing for that event. Thus sponsors are what really give many of us the ability to “live the dream”.

My schedule requires 17+ hours of training per week (and some rigorously scheduled recovery time). Fitting this in around the other jobs I work– since MMA is basically a “job” that I do for free– can be difficult at times. Happily, I am very grateful to be able to make this regimen work thanks to the support of my coaches, teammates, and sponsors.

The following are some of the businesses and individuals that are helping me to live my dream:

Head Gear Logo


Michael Floyd Photography Logo


Gracie Barra temp logo

It's not just a man's world!

Golden Gear Logo



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