Moving Party


I have moved to a new site! Check it out:

Yes, I have a dot com! Fancy, right?

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Blog posts, business, fight photos, and all that jazz will all be over there from here on out. I have a lot of projects in the works– including interviews, essays, speaking gigs, and training offerings (such as my New Year Special on self-defense and Form & Function’s awesome deal on personal training)– that you don’t want to miss out on. If you’re subscribed to my WordPress blog and still want to keep up on my posts, please take a moment to subscribe to the new blog so that you don’t miss anything.

This is what it actually looks like when I move. The neighbors probably think I'm a rabid WWE fan...

Scene from my last moving party: The neighbors probably think I’m a rabid WWE fan…

A friend of mine is a Squarespace guru, and she helped me put the new site together. I’m very grateful for her help, and quite happy with the finished product. I’m looking forward to finding new ways to provide value to my readers, clients, and community using this powerful interface…

But, just as in the gym, no one gets better without good coaching, so please have a look at the new site and let me know what you think!


It’s Official!

I signed it!

I signed it!

I am very excited to announce that I just signed a multi-fight contract with Invicta Fighting Championships! Invicta FC is the premier all-women’s MMA promotion, and home to the best female mixed martial artists in the world. I am particularly glad to be joining Invicta FC’s ranks because not only are all of their athletes women, but the company is female-owned and female-run as well– and this sport needs more women in high-up positions!

Having never thought that what was once my hobby would take me this far, I’m amazed at the new paths opening up before me as I enter this next level of competition. I am so grateful for the opportunity to grow while working with this powerhouse promoter and being pitted against the best flyweights from all over the globe.

Thanks for supporting me, friends!


[Mandatory bicep shot, so you know I mean business]

Howard v. Corso III and New Management


Better late than never, right? Let’s get up to speed…

On October 11th I fought a very skilled opponent for a third time, and for a third time I came out on top. Katie Howard and I were the Main Event for Prime Fighting IV— a killer promotion that was stacked with fast-paced professional and amateur MMA fights.

There's nothing in life that feels quite like getting your hand raised...

Highlights: I submitted Katie via RNC at 2:02 min into the 2nd round. (In our two previous fights, I beat her with an armbar and an RNC). We also took Fight of the Night (sponsored by Metro Equipment Exchange) and had the honor of being Prime Fighting’s first ever female Main Event. Additionally, I came away with a ridiculously large title belt and the privilege to call myself Prime Fighting’s Female Flyweight Champion.

I haven’t had a fight in or even close to Portland for over a year, so I was overjoyed to get to have friends, teammates, sponsors, and fans in the audience to cheer me on this time. Trying to beat up a stranger, while locked into an oddly-shaped cage, is even more fulfilling when friends are present to support you.

Sometimes I have to ask myself, how did life get this good?

Putting the RNC on Katie Howard again.

Putting the RNC on Katie Howard again.

I am very grateful to Prime Fighting for setting me up with that match– as well as to my friends, teammates, and sponsors who supported me leading up to and during the fight.

In November, I was thrilled to add another excellent person to my team when I signed Bryson Davis of Meyer Davis PLLC as my manager. He is a fellow Reed College graduate and MMA aficionado who has already helped me dig into some great opportunities.

Speaking of opportunities, stay tuned for a BIG announcement coming VERY SOON!

Want to know why I'm so excited? Just signed a fight contract, guess who with...

In my next post you’ll find out why I’m so excited about this piece of paper…